Friday, March 13, 2009

R-r-r-really, people? Really, America? REALLY!?!?

I wasn't sure at all that we could get any more obsessed with outward apparance/any stupider/any more over-medicated, but, alas, we just did.

What was that I was reading tonight? Oh, yes, about how St. John's Wort, Comfrey, and Coltsfoot have been deemed dangerous by the FDA and are better left as pretty ornamentals in the garden.

Yes. I'm off to see if any of my EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS PLANTS have sprouted while ya'll go plump up your eyelashes with some glaucoma medication.



P.S.--I am well, well, well aware of the fact that there are many extremely dangerous herbs out there. They are, after all, drugs in their own right. HOWEVER, I'm sure many of you can appreciate that the FDA seems a little cracked when they tell us that comfrey will kill us, but that it's okay to take a medication for a SERIOUS CONDITION simply because we want longer eyelashes.

I over-explain.


Organic Meatbag said...

This is why I want to move to Japan...yeah, OK, they're a bunch of weirdos there, but at least it's not a self-centered, appearance obsessed nation of idiots like the U.S...

Tina Sams said...

It is crazy the things that are deemed safe because they come from a chemical factory or pharmaceutical company, while we are warned away from the responsible use of plants. I'm sure that it couldn't have anything to do with money. Certainly not.

A. Slowik said...

same reason the Church and the medical profession both went after midwives and herbalists ... they hate competition. the FDA doesn't make any money off of your herbs, so they don't like them.

spagyrics said...

exactly, FDA has no problems with horrors spewing from Monsanto's labs but flinches at the sight of Comfrey. Why is FDA concerning itself with people who decide to go on comfrey or belladona diet? Oh I forget if stupid people dye the oh so promising market of Eyelash Drug Latisse would probably die too.