Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great's sprouting!

I never thought I'd see the day, but sure enough, very close (as in, nose-in-the-dirt) investigation of the seed flats today revealed that I am indeed growing True Unicorn, an extremely endangered native medicinal. Don't worry--it'll only be 6 or 7 YEARS before the root can be harvested. For now, let's just try to get it to its first set of leaves, shall we?

In other news, I am most excited about my "herb forest" that I've begun adding to the rear of our property. Finally, I am building the medicinal/culinary herb garden of my dreams--a tangle of folklore and magic I can lose myself inside of daily. It will obviously be a year or so before it becomes a true jungle, but I'm helping it on its way by adding mature perennial herbs from last year's garden (dug up with permission from the tenants of our old rental house). My sugar snap peas are also coming along nicely, latching bravely onto their homemade trellis and climbing ever upward. I so look forward to gorging myself on snap peas right from the vine. When we had them in Oregon, they never even made it into the house!

Finally, Jacob dug up the "verge"--the green space between our sidewalk and the street--and I layered it with mulch, then scattered three or four packets of wildflower seeds. With luck, the city officials won't cite us for failure to mow. :/

I'm going to creep back down to the basement now and make sure my true unicorn sprouts weren't just figments of my over-coffee'd imagination.

Here's to spring!


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