Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Garden p0rn!

This is my black mandrake plant that I've been growing (with a period of dormancy...oops) for about a year. He suffered a small injury (see brown spot) when a cat gave him a nip, but other than that, he's doing swimmingly, putting on new growth rather quickly and otherwise taunting me with the idea that we could be seeing a flower or two soon. For those of you not in the know, mandrakes can be rather persnickety, taking up to a year to germinate (if they germinate at all). Mine germinated in a couple of weeks, but it's been slow, slow going. Worth it, though. I pet him fondly everyday.

"Copenhagen Market" cabbage seedling.

Russian Comfrey re-emerging after a long winter's nap.

Happy little Lady's Mantle greeting the burgeoning growing season.

Wild lettuce germinating under the shop lights, with its neighbor, clary sage, popping up to say "hello," as well.

Teeny little pennyroyal sprouts--the seeds were nearly invisible!

Tomorrow, I'll try to get some pics of my super-frugal germination station (which, apparently, is doing its job very well!).

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