Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quasi-Final Veggie Tally!

Alright all--I've pretty much set out all the plants my garden can hold. It's going to be an absolute JUNGLE...and I love it. The tally stands thus:

15 tomato plants (Cherokee Purple, Super Choice, Deppe's Pink Firefly, Pink Brandywine, Big Rainbow, Yellow Pear, Ribenstrauben, Mortgage Lifter, & Arkansas Traveler)

8 bell pepper plants (Big Bertha, Marconi, Orange Bell, and Red Bell)--I had to buy these as starts, because my peppers weren't sprouting. Now I have 6 Marconis and 2 Long Red Cayenne starts that FINALLY sprouted and are coming along, so I suppose I'll pop those in containers, when the time comes.

6 eggplants (Rosa Bianca & Listada De Gandia)

11 bush beans (Dragon's Tongue, Buff Valentine Contender, and a mix from Burpee)--I also bought some "Soldier" beans, which are a very antique variety of drying bean. If I can find the time this week, I'm going to scratch out a bed for them and give them a whirl. If not, I'll just save them for next year.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (there are many of these plants, all working on climbing the bean teepee)

Sugar Snap peas (again, multiple plants are trellising)

2 rows lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson)

4 rows carrots (Oxheart, Dragon, Little Fingers, and Short n' Sweet)--I'm also adding two more rows of carrots this week--one of Parisian Market carrots (little round ones, sometimes called "Thumbelinas") and one row of a North African carrot called "Muscade"

1 row beets (Bull's Blood)

10 squash plants (Early Gold Crookneck, Bush Buttercup, Table Queen, Spaghetti, Yellow Scallop, Ronde de Nice Zucchini, Tromboncino--aka "Giant Dog-Eating Squash")

6 cucumbers (Parisian Pickling, Telegraph Improved, and African Horned--aka "Jelly Melon")

5 melons (Golden Honeymoon--honeydew, Minnesota Midget--muskmelon, Bush Sugar Baby--watermelon, Moon & Stars--watermelon)

2 Pumpkins + 3 or 4 volunteer pumpkins (Cinderella's Carriage & Small Sugar)--the volunteer pumpkins are all from last season's Cinderella pumpkins; I will be more than happy to allow them to run wild

8 rows of corn (Blue Jade & Silver Queen)

Strawberry plants (see prior post)

1 Gourd (Speckled Swan)

So aside from all of the culinary/medicinal herbs and the few flowers I've got going (marigolds, morning glories, zinnias, foxglove, black hollyhocks, viper's bugloss, convovulus, 3 kinds of poppies, Canterbury bells, snapdragons...) AND Jacob's sunflower forest (because we can't forget that), I think that pretty much answers the question of "What's growin'?"

We're rich!

Time now for a hot, Dr. Bronner-y shower and a glass of bubbly. Tomorrow, rain. Thursday? Endless weeding.




Ruthie said...

Veggie garden?


Crunchy granola-type?


Hobbit lover?

I think you may be my doppelganger.

Kelsie said...


Your blog is called "Sustainable Shire"!!

Yes! We are dopplegangers. I shall add you to my blogroll and pretend you are my long-lost sister.

You know...there's a vast shortage of "women my age whom I can relate to" in this old world.

I'm glad I can add you to the shortlist.


ChristyACB said...

While I don't qualify as mid-20s (darn all the years that flew by!) I certainly like your blog!

Thanks so much for all the info on the cleaning. I'll be using it tomorrow during sunday field day. Wish you lived close up to give tutorials :)

Kelsie said...


My pleasure! I think you'll be delighted with the results. I'm also thrilled you like my blog. I happen to like yours too. :)

Kebbo said...

Let me know if you need help come harvest time. I'll work in exchange for veggies!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Just wanted to confess my love of the speckled swan. They make the most amazing decorations when painted and dried.